I Quit (almost)

Towards the end of last year I was seriously considering closing my books for good and no longer offering Tarot&Natal Chart readings. There was a part of me that always questioned the decision though, and after a chat with @vaginajenkins (phenomenal creative&astrologer plz check out her work immediately) I decided to press on and keep my books… Read More I Quit (almost)

Transform, Transform: ♏🌑☀️Scorpio New Moon& Partial Solar Eclipse

This New Moon in Scorpio features the Sun&Moon (and Venus) in the early degrees of Scorpio hanging out with the South Node. Venus, has just moved through the cleansing rays of the Sun and is asking us to consider what Values&Desires we hold that are not being honored. In Scorpio we have the chance to play in the dark. We get to reacquaint ourselves with those parts of our psyche/inner child/subconscious/erotic that we have tamped down out of fear&shame&self-preservation. … Read More Transform, Transform: ♏🌑☀️Scorpio New Moon& Partial Solar Eclipse