Productivity&Administrative Consulting

Creating Systems That Empower Creative Entrepreneurs

Hey! I’m Q, and I’m obsessed with creating effective and accessible systems to help you run your business and keep things organized. I have nearly a decade of experience with creating and maintaining systems that are simple, easy to use, and help you to prioritize important things in your business.

We may work well together if:

  • you want to focus on the creative side of your business
  • you’re constantly losing or forgetting to respond to important emails
  • you want an easy way to keep track of ideas
  • you’re looking to hire people but have no clue how to train them
  • your current method for tracking tasks is failing you
  • administrative work is your worst enemy
  • you have systems but they aren’t working and you don’t know why

My Basic Package

  • Adjusting Email settings to allow for advanced labeling and sorting features
  • Building out a custom Notion workspace for things like:
    • Inventory&Ordering
    • Knowledge Databases
    • Revenue Tracking and Monitoring
  • Building custom Google Sheets and Organizing Google Drive Documents
  • Setting up automated responses for Social Media Accounts
  • Creating SOP documentation for Training and Onboarding new hires.

At every step, I will include in depth video tutorials on how to use the systems I’ve created and meet with you on a regular basis to adjust and update systems as software updates occur and your needs shift.

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