A Lesson From the Knight of Cups

For the first like, 27 years of my life I was absolutely obsessed with getting into a relationship. I was constantly thinking about what I wanted my wedding to be like, who this person was going to be and what our life would look like together when we’d finally found each other.

I have spent the majority of my time on this planet single, so, any time I pulled The Lovers, The Knight of Cups, or the 2 of Cups I was convinced that somebody was about to storm into my life and sweep me off of my feet. I was watching those love-related pick a card tarot readings on a loop believing everything these random folks on the internet were saying my future partner was thinking about me. (btw I hate those pick-a-card readings, they are so manipulative).

Eventually, when nobody showed up, I gave up. When I gave up I started to consider what else those “love cards” might have to communicate in a reading. Especially the Knight of Cups.

The Knight of Cups is charming insofar as he will say whatever he needs to say to get to what he wants as quickly as possible. The Knight of Cups doesn’t care about you. The Knight of Cups is kind of a fuckboy; they’ve got the emotional range of a teaspoon.

Successfully navigating a relationship with the Knight of Cups means not taking them so seriously. Remembering that everything he says is a grander promise than he could ever keep. The Knight of Cups has the potential to show you the best side of yourself but only if you remember that this isn’t about him.

You’re not going to be able to tame him,
keep him,
change him.

You will only get out of this relationship on the other side alive if you remember that all that he is showing you is the most beautiful parts of yourself that you are overlooking. You will be bamboozled by his charm until you realize that you were the one who had it going on all along.

Once you realize this: the Knight of Cups will always disappear. He was only here to show you your worth. Don’t let it break your heart: it’s nothing personal. The Knight of Cups is somebody who only hangs around people who don’t see their worth.

The Knight of Cups is a fickle lover: they don’t know who they are.

The Knight of Cups has learned that the easiest way to boost themselves up is to take advantage of those who don’t see themselves.

I know this sounds like a Knight of Cups hate post but it’s not: I have loved the Knight of Cups and I AM the Knight of Cups in the way that we all embody some bit or piece of every Tarot Archetype.

We have all been this Knight.

The Knight of Cups is the classic manic pixie dream girl. She comes in and she’s weird and she’s zany and she’s not afraid to be herself and then she disappears into the night. She’s afraid to let you see who she really is underneath all of that glitter and show and charm.

Constantly flitting in and out of existence like Tinkerbell. The Knight of Cups doesn’t know themselves. And what they do know about themselves? They do not want to share with you.

The Knight of Cups finally steps into their power when they understand the gift that they have to offer when they are authentic and genuine in their affection. When they do the hard work of learning how to stay put when things get tough.

The Knight of Cups levels up when they start to believe in themselves and realize that they do not have to siphon affection from others by faking it all of the time.

The Knight of Cups would never admit it; but they honestly don’t even think that they deserve anything real. That’s why they fabricate these connections. They are convinced that if it’s real they’re going to fuck it up. They learned that lesson the hard way when they were small,
when they were young,
when they were impressionable.

They are jaded.

They are unwilling to be wrong.

So I implore you to convince yourself that you are wrong. That your perception of reality is a limited one. That something deeper is possible without your untimely demise.

Because this is the Knight of Cups. We’re learning about our feelings here. We’re learning how to be vulnerable and understand that rejection is not the end of us. We’re learning how to stop abandoning ourselves. We’re learning how to show up in all of our messy imperfection. We’re learning how to stop canceling ourselves.

Other people are going to hate you plenty: you don’t have to join them.

Because at their very best the Knight of Cups inspires those around them to unfold. They stick around to see them bloom.

And the Knight blooms too.

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