Art Saved Me

Arts&Crafts is a spiritual healing practice. What I mean by that is: When I am in-the-creation-zone I do not care about anything happening around me. I am busy getting in touch with the most gleeful parts of me.

My inner child is delighted, like “THAT color, THOSE beads, oooh put these things together” and I am doing whatever she asks because I know her vision transcends my knowing.

When people come up and ask “what are you making” I always say “I don’t know” because it doesn’t matter but also because I am always winging it and I never know until I’m done.

Healing is like that, it is a cosmic shrug in touch with the knowing that ~we don’t really need to know what’s gonna happen when we do what feels right~.

It is not always beautiful either. I have bins of unfinished projects where I followed the thread of my inspiration and ended up with an ugly thing I want to take apart and scrap for parts. Learning is like that. Sometimes we fuck up because fucking up is always a part of the story and it is always data. If I do something that doesn’t work once, I’m gonna do it differently next time.

I guess what I am saying is: creating is messy, and worth it, and hard, and easy, and requires practice, and dedication, and learning and skill.

One of the most common questions I ask folks in readings is: what do you love to do? What are you interested in?

Today I am taking that a step further. Tell me: How has it saved you? What has it taught you? How has it healed you?✨💖

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