Only 2 More Spots!

When I first started reading tarot the cards that I had the hardest time with were the court cards. Anytime I saw one come up in a spread I would stare at it like a confused puppy trying to figure out how it related to the rest of the cards in the spread.

If this is you you’re in luck because this Saturday, February 18th at 7:30pmPST I’m hosting a little get together to talk about the Court Cards and how to interpret them.

This is the first meet up for the tarot club which I created a Discord server for that you can find here. So it’s a free Meetup and it will not be recorded, but never fear! If you’re not able to make it in person I’ll be making the exercises available to download for free for those of you on my email list. (if you happen to be subscribed to my blog via wordpress you’ll need to go to to sign up for my email list)

I want to keep this event pretty cozy so there are only 15 spots, and as of today there are only 2 left! So if you’re able to come, register now!

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