I Quit (almost)

Towards the end of last year I was seriously considering closing my books for good and no longer offering Tarot&Natal Chart readings. There was a part of me that always questioned the decision though, and after a chat with @vaginajenkins (phenomenal creative&astrologer plz check out her work immediately) I decided to press on and keep my books open for just a couple more months.

And ya’ll I’m so glad I did!

As some may know I lost my job in November of last year after the business went under &shut down. I was already on my way out and had given my notice of resignation a few weeks before the announcement was made, but I was still at a loss for what to do next. Having to leave that job sooner than I expected was ultimately for the best but has not come without hardship.

Towards the end of my time there I felt how small I had become. I was so burnt out and at my wits end wanting to keep the job because the pay was great but knew that I could not, in good conscious, continue to torture my mind soul and body by staying.

The sudden closure of that place was a major Tower moment for me and I looked to my practice with Tarot&Astrology to get me thru.

What I love most about Tarot and Astrology is their never ending capacity to reflect exactly what we need to hear and understand about ourselves and in the world around us in any given moment. My favorite part of offering readings is getting to teach people new things about themselves and about Astrology and about Tarot that they can use to cultivate a more positive relationship with themselves.

And it has been so enriching and so fulfilling to be able to offer more and more readings and sit in conversation with people and reflect their most joyous most creative and unique spirit back to them.

I am almost booked for the rest of January, and books are completely open for February and beyond. So book a reading! Learn new things about yourself! Receive confirmation! Remember who the fuck you are!

(Omg and I offer mini tutoring sessions too if you wanna learn)
((If you’re local to the bay you can also catch me doing live mini readings over @thesunshineprophecy Thursdays 2-5pm))


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