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Accountability is absolutely rough ya’ll. It is so painful to hear that your intentions and your behavior are way out of alignment, and it is so easy to fall into old habits of negative self-talk when you feel like you’ve failed.

I’ve been dealing with this a lot lately. The pain of realizing that I have more healing to do, and also the pain of being made a villain in somebody else’s story. Hurt people hurt people and sometimes when somebody communicates their pain to you they will do it to diminish you, they will do it in a way that tears you down. Be careful when this happens! Do not take it on. Take responsibility for what is true to you and leave the rest for them to deal with.

So, here’s a Tarot Spread/Series of Prompts inspired by Rumors by Lizzo&Cardi B. What I love about this song is the simplicity of its message: let them believe what they want to believe. None of us has the power to control others’ thoughts, feelings or emotions about us, so don’t even try. Let it go, let them believe it, focus on what is true, do your work, stay focused, and you’ll be alright.

  • What was the impact of my actions?
    • It is important to begin this process by acknowledging, (even if only to yourself for now), what harm was caused by your behavior/actions etc. It is important to name your mistakes, without calling yourself names or tearing yourself down.
  • What within me or within my life caused me to act outside of my integrity?
    • Sometimes we are triggered, sometimes we are unhappy; the purpose of this question is to get to the bottom of what exactly put you in a state to cause harm and then remove that thing. (ex: maybe you were triggered, now you have learned about a new trigger, what can you do to make yourself feel safe next time?)
  • What do I apologize for?
    • When you rush to apologize or try to apologize word-for-word for what somebody is accusing you of, it’s typically not a genuine apology. Take some time to move through your resentment, anger, and pain and engage in self-care before even trying to formulate an apology.
    • Once you know what to apologize for, also come up with a practical action plan. An apology should always be followed with how you plan to move differently to avoid further harm.
  • Message from The Beyond/Spirit Guides/God/Ancestors/Hermes/Eggun/etc. on how to protect myself from folks/energies that are set out to harm me
    • If you are using divination (tarot, oracle, playing cards, dice etc.) then this last one is to help you close out the reading with a message to support your work going forward.
    • If you are journaling without divination, I encourage you to spend a few minutes in still or moving meditation to make way for a final message from the divine/your intuition to close out this reading.

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