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Heyo! I am back from a little education break. I’ve been focusing on catching up on Adam Elenbaas’ Year 2 Astrology course, the longest most generative self tarot reading I’ve ever done (a course created by Benebell Wen), and a course on money management&intuitive business systems (with the folks over at Holisticism).

Especially in that last course I mentioned, I have been considering, and re-considering what it means for me to be a business-person, what the nature of my business is, and who I am here to uplift&support.

I have come to understand that I am primarily here for the newbie. The person who may be the first in their family to venture away from the Abrahamic faith traditions. The person who has named themselves cycle breaker. The one whose mental health is an endless battle. The one who always feels a bit out of place no matter where they go. The most resilient one. The one who is eager to learn, grow, and become something great. Who has the courage to overcome their ego time and time again and is willing to change their mind and do the work even when it’s hard.

And it’s largely because that is my story. I am the perpetual Hermit on a journey of spiritual growth and transformation, constantly transmuting the pain in myself and those around me into something more generative.

And ya’ll: it was rough to be little ol’ me with no spiritual foundation. I didn’t know where to look or who to talk to so I did a whole lot of ambling around and figuring it out on my own. I don’t believe it should be so hard for everybody though.

So, I’ve got a workbook for ya’ll. It is the guide my past-self needed so I am extending it through space and time to her and also to all of you. My hope with this workbook is that you take away basic information about how to vet resources, do shadow work without burning yourself out, understand the magic in your everyday routines, and expand your view of what it means to communicate with the Divine.

If you’ve ever booked a reading with me I’ll be sending out a coupon code with a hefty discount within the next week! For everyone else here’s the link to purchase from my etsy shop!

It is a digital workbook (with homework!) with a few short videos guiding you through the course. I use the Four Elements and their respective mutable signs to guide you through some very practical information on Studying to deepen your practice, doing easeful Shadow Work, Simple Rituals, and Communication with your intuition and the magical-spiritual powers that be.

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