Herbal Pro-Tip for my Type-A Friends

I’ve been drinking Blue Vervain in tea form the last couple of weeks and it’s been an extremely grounding experience.

It is a very bitter herb, so drinking the tea is very much like taking medicine, and sometimes I’ll throw in some Peppermint, Tulsi or Chamomile to tone that edge down.

What I have found though is that this herb is super supportive in easing neck&shoulder tension, silencing racing thoughts, and pulling your energy out of your head and down into the rest of the body.

On an energetic level I have also found it to be supportive as I continue to move through the endlessness that is boundary work.

Remember, when trying out any new herbs please do your research! Some herbs are fairly harmless for most people but some do have contraindications to look out for. Here are a few sources that I trust to give sound Herbal information:

Sajah Popham’s Podcast: The Plant Path

The Botanical Institute

Evolutionary Herbalism Blog

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