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I was feeling absolutely burnt to a crisp last weekend so I went looking for the 10 of Wands in my Tarot deck to remind myself to DO LESS. It is so easy, as a human living under capitalism, to prioritize productivity over your wellbeing. So take a moment this week, even if it is super uncomfortable, to remove some low priority items from your to-do list and see how it feels to not pile on a bunch of tasks that could, honestly, get done some other time with no serious consequences.

Check out this podcast episode where I talk about the Tarot Tens, The Fool, The World, Saturn Returns, and doing LESS.

If you have any Tarot questions email them to or send me a DM on IG and I’ll answer on the next episode of my podcast.

TBH, I have been feeling super over Social Media after seeing so many amazing practitioners’ names and images be used to scam their followers, but I’m still over there a bit. Check out one of my most recent IG posts:

🃏 Google photos occasionally takes the liberty of sending me a notification to show me pictures that I took years ago. 📸Apparently I took this photo four years ago today. I actually completely forgot that my first ever Tarot deck was one that I made out of a free printable and cardstock with mod podge which is what you’re seeing in this photo right now.
I remember at the time that I was still kind of afraid of tarot and the power of prediction. I would only do readings maybe once a month and every time I did one I felt like I was beholden to do whatever I thought was being confirmed by the cards in front of me.
Fast forward about 5 months and I was doing a reading for every single week. I was doing gigantic elaborate spreads I had notebooks full of notes on tarot and I also was constantly just coming up with different ways and ideas to work with Tarot. I have a bunch of old videos from that time. Of me going through my weekly readings for myself and talking to myself about what I thought the cards meant and what was coming up.
I wasn’t really intentionally trying to do any sort of research I was just really invested in Tarot. And that passion for tarot is what made me start this particular Instagram account so that I had somewhere to share tarot related stuff away from my personal account where nobody really cared about it.
So thanks to all of you who have witnessed this year’s long journey of me with this phenomenal medium for self-expression and self-knowing 💖✨

I’ve gotta be honest; what brought me to tarot was big stress, big heartache and a lot of loneliness. I could no longer afford to work with my therapist, I was in the middle of an MA program that I desperately wanted to quit (but I was too attached to perfectionism and proving myself to not see it through). I was a wrecking ball in all of my relationships because I didn’t know how to ask for help or even understand that I needed help at all.

Enter: Tarot

It offered me a place to work through my worry and fear. It reminded me to keep going. It helped me to steer clear of danger. From working with Tarot I learned how to discern the difference between my intuition and my trauma brain, and so I continue to share about it in the hopes that my work finds other lonely people who may mistrust other humans with their feelings but can allow a deck of cards to come in and show them a new side of their psyche.

Don’t get me wrong: I love doing readings with ya’ll, and also, nothing beats being able to offer guidance on how to work with the Tarot, so if you have any Tarot questions, whether they’re about how to interpret cards you pulled for yourself or what my favorite decks are, feel free to send them my way, and I’ll answer them on my podcast!

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