8 of Swords – For Stuck Times

It’s been a while since I’ve sent an email out! I’ve had a super chaotic month at work that is finally beginning to slow down so I’m back to share a Tarot exercise/spread with ya’ll.

If you’d rather listen to this one check out the audio clip below! Otherwise read on.

This reading starts by pulling significator cards: the 8 of Swords and 9 of Swords. Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot book is where I first learned about the usefulness of this technique. A significator card is one that you choose to represent the querent based on the question they are asking. In this case, we’re doing a reading about feeling stuck, so we’re going to start by finding the 2 afore-mentioned cards.

I chose to include the 9 of Swords because when we are feeling stuck we are likely also feeling anxious (and on the night I came up with this spread I could not sleep, like the figure in the 9 of Swords). So you may choose to include or exclude it, or even include some other card more relevant to your situation!

Once you have those two cards out of the deck I encourage you to journal on anything that comes up related to those two cards on their own before proceeding to pull any more cards.

Unlike other Tarot spreads this one will vary from reader to reader. You’ll want to pull as many cards as you’d like to give you more insight on your stuck-ness. You may have some specific sub-questions in mind to assign to the cards like:
-Why am I feeling this way?
-How can I get unstuck?
-What am I missing?
And so on and so forth. Journaling on the 8 and 9 of Swords before you pull other cards will help you to sort this out. When I did this reading for myself I chose to pull one card to offer guidance for how to deal with the 8 of Swords feelings, one card to deal with the 9 of Swords feelings, and one card to connect the two and offer a final message.

The possibilities are genuinely endless.

In other news we’ve got a Full Moon in Sagittarius coming up this Tuesday June 14th. It’ll be exact at 4:51am PST. Expect to see a reading from me about it over on YouTube. Click the button below to Subscribe to my channel so that you don’t miss anything!

Lastly: I have decided for the time being to hold off on doing more deck reviews. When I started out I initially intended to do an unbroken series of reviews, but my Neurodivergent brain does not respond well to pressure or doing the same thing for months on end and I found myself getting bored of the series pretty quickly. So I’ll still be doing deck reviews at some point, but when I’m feeling it! Those will also always be over on my YouTube channel as well.

And that’s all I have for you! Thanks so much for reading all the way through this. If you made it this far let me know if you’ll be using the spread I’ve suggested and how you think you’ll tweak it to make it your own. If you’re the Tarot IG posting type and you post a pic using a spread I’ve suggested tag me @thesagescorpio so that I can see it!

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