New Moon in Taurus and Other Updates

Hey ya’ll. Q here checking in with some updates!

First of all, happy New Moon (and Partial Solar Eclipse). If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s my New Moon Reading.

In the video I spend some time explaining that eclipses happen when a Full or New Moon occur in the same sign as the North or South Node. Currently, the South Node is in Scorpio and the North Node is in Taurus.

In my own Natal Chart I have my Sun in Scorpio and no placements in Taurus. I have been thinking about the Scorpio/Taurus opposition and the way that each sign seeks to sustain but very differently. Each sign is invested in commitment but Taurus’ version of commitment is grounded in comfort and stability whereas Scorpio commitment is soul-binding and all encompassing. Where are Scorpio and Taurus in your chart? What placements do you have there? Until the next New Moon a month or so from now we will all be working closely with the energies in these two signs.

Speaking of the upcoming astrology: Mercury Stations Retrograde on May 11th and I have a new offering specifically for it! As a person with my natal Mercury Retrograde I have a really intimate understanding of this particular transit. There is so much fear-mongering and blame surrounding Mercury Retrograde on Social Media, so with this new offering I hope to ease some of those worries and fears as well as help you to focus in on how this transit may show up in your life and how to ride the Retrograde wave.

Click the button below to Schedule a Mercury Retrograde Astro-Tarot reading! I only have availability for 3 of this reading so reach out while you can!

Akamara Tarot Deck Review

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Q’s Ritual Teas

And last but certainly not least: I’ll be releasing another tea available for purchase on Etsy some time in May! It’s called the High Priestess and you can learn more about it at the link below.

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