Thoughts&Feelings – Air&Water

I shared this post on IG yesterday and absolutely had to make an amendment.

I was going to upload it to instagram but thought it would be more fitting here.

In Other News

I’ve been wanting to do a series of Tarot deck reviews in video format for ~ages~ and I am finally releasing the first one into the world. It’s a review of the Next World Tarot, one of my absolute favorite decks and I hope you enjoy it!


I am still booking readings ya’ll! Join me for a reading to explore your Natal Chart or what the cards have to say about what you’ve got going on and how to effectively navigate the present weather of your life. As always, you can reach me at for any questions related to readings, and also to book! (or by clicking this very ~conveniently~ placed button below).

Last, but certainly not least…

I’ve started selling tea again! So far I’ve got one blend up for sale over on Etsy. Check out the listing for more info about the blend as well as accompanying ritual suggestions.

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