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💖Virgo Full Moon♍🌕 – Where the Unreal Becomes Real

Back again for another Full Moon! Earlier today over on Instagram and Youtube I shared the video reading that I filmed last night, just a few hours before the Full Moon was exact at about 12:17am PST. I’ll stick the video in this post but I also want to offer ya’ll a Tarot spread/journaling prompts to use for this Lunation or any time you want to explore the possibility of new ways of being.

The 3 questions I’m offering to ya’ll are.

The questions were inspired by three Tarot cards: Temperance, Judgement and the Ace of Cups, the three cards that I pulled in the video, shared above.

Last week, every day felt like a dream as we drew near and through the Sun Neptune conjunction. The dream slowly faded over the last few days and reality set back in. What this Full Moon is doing is offering us a path to cementing the dreams, and also discerning which dreams are overrated, outdated, or belonged to a past version of ourselves that wanted things that no longer feel alligned in the present moment.

These questions contain the medicine we need to heal what is in the way of recognizing the difference between a beautiful dream that can be brought into fruition and delusion.

Temperance from the Alleyman’s Tarot

Temperance is asking that we get clear about what exactly it is that we are asking for. Temperance wants to know if we know the truth about what we really want and need, and is pointing us to those places within ourselves where our emotions distort reality.

Judgement from The Alleyman’s Tarot

Judgement is here to remind us that we are only human after all. That our dreams are a reflection of our deep desire and that there is no need to be ashamed of our wildest dreams.

Ace of Cups from The Alleyman’s Tarot

What the Ace of Cups always wants us to prioritize is what~feels~good. After we have done the deep work that Judgement&Temperance ask of us we really get to know our desire and how to bring into fruition that which would be most pleasing to us. I love this particular depiction of the Ace of Cups and the way that the water goes out beyond the edge of the card. It is urging us to let it all hang out and to hear our deepest feelings and allow them to guide us to a life that feels good.

I hope this reading works well for you during you Full Moon ponderings. Until next time ☮️💖

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