Happy Pisces Season

As some of ya’ll know I moonlight as a cafe manager during the week but love finding ways to bring Astrology into it. We’ve got a birthday board that rotates based on Astrological season at work and we don’t have any Pisces Sun folks so I made a little info-graphic to put up in place of the birthdays this month. As I was sitting there, at work, on the clock, making it, I had the thought “imagine doing something I actually enjoy/like/deeply care about” for a living? Like, how easy would that be?

It had me thinking about all of the times I have convinced myself I don’t have time to write the things I want to write or create the things that I want to create because I’m too tired etc. Now, while my being tired is totally legitimate (hey PTSD&general Neurodivergence) I have been realizing lately that as I am getting work done at my 9-5 job I am still tired, and doing a whole lot: so what if I did that when my work isn’t being measured by a boss?

All of this is to say: I really enjoy creating little things like this little series of Pisces Delineations, and I owe it to myself to do it more, and I totally have the capacity, time and desire to do it more. And to post it here, on this blog, where all of you rad folks have chosen to receive emails from me.

I’ve never been one to spam anybody’s inbox, and I think that has stopped me from sharing very frequently, but I do believe that some of that was wrapped up in imposter syndrome (feeling like I had nothing valuable to say or offer), and also a fear of annoying ya’ll which is probably unfounded because, again, ya’ll chose to be here. So, thanks for your ever-present and ongoing support.

Let me know if you enjoyed this little ‘Pisces and the Personal Planets’ Breakdown. And check out my latest collective Astro-Tarot reading below. I’ll be posting a video for the upcoming New Moon in Pisces which I’ll email ya’ll about as well.

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