On Cultivating a Spiritual Practice

When I first began my spiritual journey I was not looking for it; it found me. 

My whole life I have loved magic and science fiction and fantasy so naturally the rigidity of average American Christianity made no sense to me.

Honestly organized religion in general made little sense to me. I questioned how so many people could believe that only their belief system was the most right or most true or simply the most real. It seemed to me that they were all explaining the same thing with different myths and stories.

I was an Atheist until I was about 23-24, which is when I first began exploring spirituality (I’m 27 now). The most important thing I’ve learned about a spiritual practice is to do what makes the most sense YOU.

For some that is atheism or science. For others it is Christianity or Buddhism. For others it is a hodge-podge of many traditions. Some prefer structure, others prefer fluidity; whatever you choose remember that it is your choice. There are no rules unless of course you want there to be. 

Go with the flow. The universe has tricks up its sleeve to present the next best step to you. Trust that the right mentors will come. You will recognize them by remaining open to surprises and interrupted expectations. 

There is no right or wrong way to walk a spiritual path. There is no right or wrong way to be a spiritual person. I know that I struggled with not really believing that I was good enough to have a spiritual practice because of the perfection portrayed on social media around it but listen ya’ll: we are all human beings, which means we have all made mistakes, we are all imperfect and yet still worthy of connection to divinity. It is meant to ground us and bring us back to center. So whatever does that for you is fine. If your spiritual practice is simply taking a bath on Thursday nights with a scented candle that’s perfect. If you’re a reader (like me!)and thumbing through spiritual texts is your thing GO FOR IT. If you like to write and that is how you convene with your higher power, MORE POWER TO YOU.

Don’t waste your time trying to copy others or compare what you do to somebody else. Stay in your own lane and focus on building something big or small that works for you. 

The main goal for my spiritual practice is to feel like myself in it. I have wasted a whole hell of a lot of time caught up in others’ expectations of how I should act and feel. My spiritual practice prioritizes liberation and self-recognition. My spiritual practice is steeped in healing and regeneration.

What is important to you in your spiritual practice? I would love to hear what has worked for you and where you are currently at in your journey.

Mad love ya’ll.


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