My Thoughts on The Lovers

The most significant lesson I have taken away from my meditations with the Lovers is that the ultimate gift is security and safety within your relationship with yourself. ⠀

So many of us waste so much time on a mission to find the one person on the entire planet that can supply us with every single thing we need. ⠀

So many of us sacrifice ourselves at the altar of some other person, bending over backwards for a feeling we do not realize we are capable of feeling on our own; that we have only ever felt on our own. ⠀

Our relationships are a reminder of the deep well of unconditional love that we already have within. They are not the source, they are simply the reflection. ⠀

From a place of internal unity we can clearly see what our relationships offer us, because every single one is unique from the last. Each relationship provides value that refreshes life with multi-hued meaning. ⠀

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