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Tired of Being Tired? Here’s a Tarot Spread For You
This is an excellent Tarot Spread for those of us that struggle with setting boundaries with our many responsibilities. The purpose of this exercise is to support you in understanding why you're so overwhelmed and then, what you can do to change that over time.
Herbal Pro-Tip for my Type-A Friends
I’ve been drinking Blue Vervain in tea form the last couple of weeks and it's been an extremely grounding experience. It is a very bitter herb, so drinking the tea is very much like taking medicine, and sometimes I'll throw in some Peppermint, Tulsi or Chamomile to tone that edge down. What I …
Feeling Bad About Your Boundaries?
Do you ever feel bad when setting a boundary?
I was feeling absolutely burnt to a crisp last weekend so I went looking for the 10 of Wands in my Tarot deck to remind myself to DO LESS. It is so easy, as a human living under capitalism, to prioritize productivity over your wellbeing. So take a moment this week, even if …

As I move through my Saturn Return (please send good vibes, lol) I’m discovering that I am a Teacher, I am a Healer, and I came here to support folks in their spiritual journeying.


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